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Pastor Steve’s Sermon Schedule


Jesus hung out with sinners and tax collectors.  He invited his listeners to question what they had been taught about religious demands.  We can easily pass over and dismiss some of Jesus teachings, because they are hard.  However, In this series we will consider some of these hard teachings.

Date title Text
May 21 Hard sayings of Jesus about sinners Mark 2:15-17
May 28 Hard Sayings of Jesus about Wealth Mark 10:17-26
June 4 Hard Sayings of Jesus about loving your enemies Matthew 5: 38-46
June 11 Hard Sayings of Jesus about relationships Matthew 10:34-39
June 18 Hard Sayings of Jesus about Gentiles Matthew 15:21-28
June 25 Guest preacher: Laurie Lewis
July 2 Guest preacher: Richard Plyler
July 9 Hard Sayings of Jesus about priorities Matthew 20:1-16



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